Don’t Stress.

I have been amazingly stress free.  The things I tend to worry about are so insignificant.

Usually, I think things through down to every last detail, end up rushing around, calculating how long it will take to do something, how I can be more efficient, and whether what I’m doing is important at the time or if I should abandon it altogether. Then I wonder if my choices matter at all?

So much to consider.  But not really.

One of my favorite books, The Paradox of Choice by Dr. Barry Schwartz, talks about self-interest and how we are all less satisfied, by having so many options. Dr. Schwartz is right.  I interviewed him in 2013 for class and asked him all kinds of questions related to decision-making and sports/training.


Dr. Schwartz explained that with an abundance of choices, we often make selections based on our perception of how it (our decision) will make us feel.  The more choices we have, the harder it is for us to select what we want, and predict how we will feel.  All of this leaves us dissatisfied whether we get what we want or not.

He said experience is everything.  Now days, when people try to do things themselves, ones potential for success decreases.  With no knowledge of what it will take to succeed or learning from someone who has done it, we can’t accurately predict our ability to complete the same task.  He used an example of someone wanting to run a marathon: “Sure, anyone can train for it, but if you think ‘Wow, it will be hard’ without talking to someone who has completed a marathon, what you perceive as hard may be way off base.”

It’s good to look for advice, but what about trial and error? Why is everyone so dependent on others? Quick to blame. Or make excuses because the truth hurts. All of that is easy. Relates to motivation too.

Regardless of the goal, athletes who have no future in sport beyond a certain level are part of a non-motivatable population according to Dr. Schwartz. Sure, they love the sport but their future is elsewhere. Identifying what matters long-term will motivate people, and future success is a limiting factor in the here and now.


It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Why even try? Why spend (or waste) so much time doing something that doesn’t matter? I just don’t get it.

Where am I going with all this…Basically, keep things simple. Stress free! There are so many choices, and at the end of the day, deciding how to spend free time, what to buy, what to eat, etc. is no big deal.

I can’t predict whether this feeling will last or how my thinking completely changed. Probably from observing others and realizing how easy I have it, has put things into perspective. I learn, read, laugh, eat, sleep, train everyday, and make a bunch of little choices. I haven’t been following any sort of plan. Just going day by day.  I can’t complain.

Do what you want. Try as hard as you can or don’t try at all. Or at least be honest about a lackluster effort.  If you are happy with your decisions, that’s all that matters.




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