Wild intensity; Bravery to approach iron.
Restless energy unleashed.
It’s a privilege to be allotted sets and reps.

The barbell, a fishing rod in a pond of metal and mindless potential.
I got caught, reeled in. All for the better.

I don’t talk, no wasted words.
Thankful for the weights that never talk back.
The most authentic companion keeping your ego in check.

In this moment nothing else matters.
The sweat collecting on my forehead before dripping down my nose.
A kind of shower only hard work will provide.

My body isn’t tired. It’s going and keeps going, because this one moment, this one set, is just temporary.
A selfish time, until next time.

But rarely considering myself.
It’s training partners; or my grandparents or family; or sometimes a troubled friend.
Because this rep makes me stronger for them, regardless of my empty thoughts.

All frustration and hostility released silently in the completion of each rep.
That last rep, is a wave of satisfaction I attempt to ride until next time;
Always anticipating the end.

In a self-loathing society I will not conform or feel sorry,
For this moment will end, and I will be satisfied.

Inspired by this ceaseless love-hate relationship.
Iron freedom.


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